Sunday, May 15, 2011

Towards Medical Interpretation Service in Hirakata (for Deaf and Foreign People)

The first forum to discuss the problems of providing medical interpretation for deaf people and foreigners was held yesterday in Hirakata-shi, Osaka. Almost 200 people attended (to the joy and relief of organizers) in this first attempt to bring deaf people and foreigners together to discuss their experiences and needs in medical interpretation (indeed the room was so packed it was difficult to move around to take pictures). There was a keynote lecture, a discussion panel and comments from audience members (see below posters for speaker details). This is just the first of these forums. The goals of the organizing group are lofty: providing interpretation for deaf people and foreigners locally, especially at the new city hospital to open in 2013, and to provide a template for these kinds of services throughout Japan. To this end many volunteers and experts are joining together. Stay tuned to VAOJ for more information about future forums. (I will also update this post with more photos in the near future).


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Japanese "Finger Logo"

Here's some fodder for Body/Comm - a cute girl using gestures in a TV commercial. Photo and text borrowed from Japan Today.

AKB48 member Tomomi Itano, 19, popularly called Tomo-chan by fans, takes part in a promotional event for wireless mobile operator EMobile’s new commercial, “Finger Logo,” in Tokyo on Wednesday. The new commercial, which airs from Saturday, features Itano dancing to her new single “Wanna be now” and making an “E” and “M”’ (for EMobile) pose with her fingers. The pose, which is repeatedly used during the commercial, was “difficult to master,” Itano said.

I wonder how she would do with sign language... And here's the commercial:

Link to commercial video:

Link to making the commercial video:

Link to the photo/story at Japan Today:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring 2011 Visual Anthropology of Japan Photo Exhibition

Two of my students are holding a photo exhibition on campus this week and next week. Their themes are contemporary tattoos and interactions with deaf people, respectively. Both of them have some really nice shots, so please check it out. This is the second student photo exhibition for the visual anthro class. The first last fall dealt with martial arts clubs on campus. I hope this tradition will continue to grow.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nakanoshima Matsuri 2011

During the Golden Week holidays, attending the Nakanoshima Festival in Osaka has become an annual event for me. It is a gathering of people of all kinds devoted to various social causes and NPOs, performances, cosplay, flea markets and of course good food and drink. There are various groups of deaf people as well, including NPO Deaf Support Osaka. Not only is it a great celebration and a time to meet friends, but a great opportunity for photography. This year was the 40th Anniversary of the event, and despite being slightly subdued in honor of the earthquake/tsunami/Fukushima victims, it was still a lot of fun.

Link to Nakanoshima Festival Homepage:

Click here to check out my photos from last year's festival.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mongolian Film Project

Combing Goats from Of Land and Water on Vimeo.

Announcement from EASIANTH:

Of Land and Water...

A documentary portrait about modern Mongolia and it’s struggle to find a balance with nature. Of Land and Water is a visually driven tale illustrated through the lives and actions of unique people living in Mongolia. By examining the changes in economic and cultural values, ownership, perceptions, definitions and uses of land and water in Mongolia, we hope to present a truthful representation of real concerns and issues at the core of the country's relationship with its natural wealth.