Sunday, July 31, 2022

"Homō loquēns ‘talking human’ Wonders of Language and Languages" - Special Exhibition at the National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka / 1 Sep 2022 – 23 Nov 2022

Dealing with “language”, which is too familiar for most people to think about, over 50 researchers inside and outside Japan, specializing not only in linguistics but also in anthropology, engineering, education, brain science and cognitive psychology, collaborate and show the wonders of language. As part of the exhibition, an installation that is inspired by language will be displayed. It was created by video artist YAMASHIRO Daisuke.

Thursday, September 1st 2022 – Wednesday, November 23, 2022
The Special Exhibition Hall, National Museum of Ethnology
Language: Japanese, Japanese Sign Language, English
Tickets: ¥880 (Adults), ¥450 (College and University Students), Free (High School Students and Younger)

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Last day of the semester - PERVERT THE NORM

Photo used with permission (and many thanks) under the condition of anonymity.

Just another Japanese t-shirt with weird/bad English, I thought. But it turns out this is a popular brand with young people like my students. And there's a lot of Twitter talk about the meaning of the phrase like: question authority, fight the power, etc. So maybe this is kinda deep...

And a Google search of the phrase found an interesting art project:

The project “Perverted Norm, Normal Pervert” attempts to draw inspiration from scientific research and explores the normality and abnormality of human and snail sexual activity. In this project, artist Kuang-Yi Ku collaborates with Dr. Joris M. Koene, assistant professor of animal ecology at the VU Amsterdam. Through the scientist’s research on the hermaphroditism of snails, the artist builds a series of art installation, transforming various sexual activities of human and snail into corresponding visual narratives. Through the juxtaposition of the two living creatures, the installations allow the viewers to reflect on the significance of “normality” and “abnormality.”


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So you never know where a Japanese t-shirt will take you...

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

VAoJ is the 30th Best Anthropology Blog!

I haven't paid attention to things like this for a while. But today I was searching for other anthro-related blogs and I found this list. I guess we can say... we've still got it!