Thursday, January 25, 2024

Sketch Art Exhibition::「立呑み絵日記」 (Standing Bar Diary) by Syuhei Shibukawa

Photo courtesy of Syuhei Shibukawa via his Facebook.

I learned of this exhibition through the 関西酒場研究会 (Kansai Bar Study Group) on Facebook. Syuhei Shibukawa likes to go to tachinomiya, drink sake, eat food and make sketches of the setting. Looks like a good example of visual anthropology to me. Many of the shops featured are close to Gallery Yongou (see the map sketch below).

Most of the visitors to the exibition were young women. There was sake at the exhibition as well. I got a set of 4 different kinds - they were all good!
Shibukawa-san was very generous with his work, allowing everyone to take photos of his sketches. Unfortunately, the exhibition is over. But you can check out his work on social media.

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