Thursday, November 23, 2023

Hanshin Tigers Victory Parade in Osaka (11/23/23); photos by Gern Blanston

As I, along with my fellow faculty, staff and students, were required to work on the Labor Thanksgiving national holiday, I was fortunate that my good friend, Gern Blanston, was in town. He went to the Hanshin Tigers Victory Parade in Osaka. The photos on this post are by him (Thanks Gern!). He reported to me that because of the crowd size, it was difficult to get good photos of the parade itself. So he focused on the crowd. 350,000 fans were reported to go to the parade in Osaka. You can find many photos of the parades in Hyogo and Osaka for Hanshin (Central League Champs and winner of the the Japan Series) and the Orix Buffaloes (Pacific League Champs), both Kansai teams, online.
Information about the Victory Parades for the Hanshin Tigers (and Orix Buffaloes):

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