Wednesday, September 13, 2023

"That is not a place to sit on the bus..."

I usually do not take photos on the bus or train. But I could not help myself this morning. As the fall semester started this week, the buses to campus have been very crowded (wear your masks!). This morning a student found a creative way to sit down when no seats were available. I watched as he hoisted himself up and adjusted his head behind the mirror. At first most people ignored him. But finally, an older gentleman sitting in the seat behind and below the student said, "That is not a place to sit on the bus..." They student responded with a slight nod of his head (a "shit bow"). He was the last person off the bus at the campus stop because he couldn't climb down as people streamed past him to disembark.

I am also seeing students sitting in the priority seats and not giving them up for those in need. Wagamama!

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