Monday, July 17, 2023

VAoJ S2023RT Arc: Why are all these people standing in line at 3:50 in the afternoon? Public Tavern「Uosan」(6/29/23)

So why were these people standing in line a few minutes before 4:00 PM, especially on such a hot day?
Waiting to get into the Public Tavern「Uosan」!
I estimate at least 50 people were standing in line (including me). And as the clock struck 4, the doors opened, the noren was put up and the people rushed in to get a good seat.
I had walked by this shop the previous day and it looked interesting. And familiar. Then I realized that it, too, had been featured on Yoshida Rui's program many years ago.
The shop is over 100 years old and has 4 floors. The first two floors have two U-shaped counters each while the 3rd and 4th floors have table seating.
I stayed on the 1st floor. It seemed as there was one staff person for each counter. I tried to talk to the staff person at my counter but he was very busy (and didn't seem to want to talk much) taking people's orders, bringing their drinks and food, ushering new customers into the shop and repeatedly asking the customers to move their stools closer together to accomodate more people. I didn't see any salariman-types in suits (it was only 4:00 after all). It seemed that most of the customers (young and old, women and men) came in by themselves, and so there was not much talking/socializing going on (especially compared to Daruma). I managed to talk to an older man next to me who quickly ate and drank and then took a lot of food as take-out for his grandchildren.
When I ordered I made the faux pas of ordering chu-hai. The staff person matter-of-factly said they did not serve chui-hai. The had beer and sake. Oops/ouch... The sake and food were good, and very cheap. I had three dishes and three glasses of sake, and it was less than 2,000 yen for everything.
I hope to return to this shop in the future. Hopefully, I can build better rapport and take more photographs...
But for now, it was on to my last night at Daruma...

Public Tavern「Uosan」「大衆酒場魚三」@ Yoshida Rui (#373, 8/2/10):

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