Thursday, September 10, 2015

More Images Added to East Asia Image Collection

Image borrowed from East Asia Image Collection.

Announcement from EASIANTH:

The East Asia Image Collection has uploaded 407 new records, bringing its total number of visual records of Imperial Japanese history (and the occupation of Japan) to 5823. This open-access digital archive consists of postcards, photographic negatives, rare books, karuta, and kodachrome slides of Taiwan, Manchukuo, China, Korea, the South Seas Islands, Karafuto and Indonesia.The images are searchable by title, place, name of artist, subject, and other tags. Titles are in Japanese and English, and in Korean or Chinese where appropriate.

Many of these records are commercial reproductions of Japanese paintings and drawings, usually executed in connection with imperial rule or wartime. I have also created a blog with lists of digital repositories, photo collections, bibliographies, and some essays about postcard history.


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