Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kinokophonography Night

I received the following interesting e-mail today:

Over time we’ve gathered a collection of sounds from around the world. In an exploration of this immense, continuously changing and growing archive of sound spores, Kinokophone welcomes field recordists, phonographers and listeners to join us for Kinokophonography; an evening of sharing sound recordings, thoughts on making and using recordings and recording techniques. Kinokophone is organising Kinokophonography with the hope of helping to create a platform for those interested in field recordings to share and discuss their work. Bring along a few favorites from your catalogue of recordings to play or just come to listen. If you would like to share a recording, please write us and include the track title and length. Please note that we have access to stereo speakers for this event.

November 3rd 2010, 19:00-2100

Kinokophonography is kindly being hosted by MadLab. 36-40 Edge St Manchester M4 1HN

Web page link: http://kinokophone.com/

Sound is often overlooked within visual anthropology but it is incredibly important whether it be salvage audio recordings or recorded dialogue/soundtracks for documentary films. VAOJ readers might recall Amanda Belantara's sound diary project, 耳がきゅっとなる ("Ears Are Dazzled, Touched by Sound"). Kinokophonography is an important and interesting meeting. If you can't attend, do check out the web page.

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