Friday, October 8, 2010

Call for papers: Panel on Ecocriticism: Ecological Issues in Images, Films

Announcement from H-ASIA:

This panel invites papers that fall within the session title on ecocriticism in the study of visual culture, screen and visual media, and see eco-visual studies as a growing discipline. It also intends to explore how classical and modern Asian philosophies and theoretical frameworks (e.g. Buddhism, Confucianism) can expand the field of ecocriticism further, beyond its conventional Eurocentric frameworks and traditions. Possible topics may include one or more of the following:

- Representations of nature, cities and the environment in Asia

- Asian philosophies and theories (Chinese, East and Southeast Asian in particular) and their relationship to visual ecocriticism

- Film and new media and their roles in ecocritical studies (maps, graphs, etc.)

- Formulation/ postulation of eco-concepts, e.g. ecocinema, eco-art, eco-aesthetics etc.

- Climatic changes in fictional and documentary representations

- Visual culture and the green movements in Asia

- Limitations of visual texts/images/films in ecocriticism/ green studies

- Other related topics

The 10th Annual Conference of Asian Studies in Israel (East, South and Central Asia) will take place May 25-26 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. You are invited to submit a 250-300 word abstract and a brief bio (in English) to Kiu-wai Chu at Deadline for proposal submission is November 30, 2010. For further information aboutthe conference please refer to the following link:

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