Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Online Resource: Photographs of NE China/Manchukuo 1934-5"

Announcement from H-ASIA:

The Digital Collections at Lafayette College Libraries has just posted about 300 previously unpublished photographs from Northeast China, 1934-35, to our open-access digital archive. Most are in set in Shenyang or Manzhouli. The description from the website is appended below:

US Vice Consul to Mukden (Shenyang) Gerald Warner created these 298 photographs between March 22, 1934 and August 2, 1935. Noteworthy are images of a parade for the 30th Anniversary of the Russo-Japanese War, complete with floats, Japanese revelers in Russian costumes, and crowds celebrating victory. Pictures from Manzhouli, with its mixture of Russian, Manchu and Chinese architecture, are also prominent. The North Manchuria Railway, the Zhaoling and Fuling Mausoleum complexes, Shisheng Temple, life in Shenyang's old and new quarters, and several other topics--from coal mines to military drills--are also depicted. 

Lots of interesting images can be found at this site. Check it out. 

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