Sunday, November 8, 2009

耳がきゅっとなる ("Ears Are Dazzled, Touched by Sound")

Filmmaker and Sound & Vision Specialist Amanda Belantara has been kind enough to contact me and inform me about her latest project, 耳がきゅっとなる ("Ears Are Dazzled, Touched by Sound"). She describes the project in her web page as follows:

A collective exploration of the sounds that surround us, this film features sounds and images inspired by sound diaries kept by local people in Yamaguchi, Japan. An intriguing portrait of the invisible, the film’s unconventional style attempts to reveal the magical quality of sounds that lies hidden in the everyday.

See more at her web page, including a trailer:

The film will be shown at the Kyoto University Museum as part of a workshop on resonant sound and image.

For more information:

Sound is on one of the most important aspects of a good film and I don't spend nearly enough time exploring it in my class or research (Can I excuse myself by claiming my interests in sign language?). Often times the first thing my students will critique in a film is the soundtrack and/or background sounds. So Belantara's attention to sound seems to be an important contribution. Her film trailer is very cool and I am looking forward to seeing/hearing the film/sound.

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