Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hanshin's Matt Murton Breaks the Record... and Family Mart Celebrates!

Hanshin Tigers' Matt Murton in his first season in Japanese baseball recently broke Ichiro's single season hot record. Murton finished the season with 214 hits. And to celebrate, the convenience store chain Family Mart made and sold special Murton bentos. I found this one at my neighborhood store last night.

Read more about Murton, Hanshin and Japanese baseball at The linked Tiger Tails blog is especially interesting.

UPDATE (10/15/10): I found a Murton onigiri at the local Family Mart last night...

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j.p.seaton said...

!!!!!! 214!!!!!!
I've been following the flame haired one's career ever since his first full season with the Chicago Cubs. I was delighted when I saw that he had taken his hitting style ((that is to say REAL baseball) to a place where pure hitting is still appreciated... He is no where near the fielder that Ichiro is, but as far as putting the bat on the ball, he would have been doing it at a 300 clip all these years if anybody in the US still understood hitting. I wish him and the Tigers a long and happy relationship. I wish I could get hold of one of those bentos.