Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Short Video Stories - Japan (1998) and Korea (2005)"

From an EASIANTH announcement by Guven Witteveen:

I invite you, your students and fellow scholars to view, download, excerpt or repurpose from the following collection of 3 to 10 minute video segments I've gathered online. Once I learned how simple it is to string clips together and add a title and credits for online uploading, I went back and prepared my materials to share. I encourage each one of you to start a free account at one of the video hosting services and experiment, too: vimeo; (owns YouTube, now, too - thus crosslistings and search results),, among so many, many others.

Video Snapshots from the Korean Peninsula:

Video Snapshots from rural west Japan:

I appreciate Prof. Witteveen's generosity and willingness to share his research and video; I also wholeheartedly agree with his suggestion about experimenting with video and video hosting services. I know there is a lot more good stuff out there. If you know of anything good pertaining to Japan, please share with VAOJ.

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Anonymous said...

I thought stopped (or was about to stop) new uploads, presumably in favour of youtube.

How about nico nico douga for a surreal take on Japanese visual culture?