Sunday, February 8, 2009

Historical Photos of China and Korea

From 2 recent H-ASIA announcements...

1. Historical Photographs of China

About the project (Project's self description)

A collaboration between scholars at the University of Bristol, University of Lincoln, and the Institut d'Asie Orientale, this project aims to locate, archive, and disseminate photographs from the substantial holdings of images of modern China held mostly in private hands overseas. These are often of even greater historic interest than might ordinarily be the case, as the destruction of materials inside China in war and revolution in the twentieth century, and especially during the 1966-69 Cultural Revolutio, means that there is a relative dearth today of accessible photographic records in China itself...

The photographs archived here come from the collections of a Chinese diplomat, foreign businessmen, staff of the administrations in the Chinese treaty ports, missionaries, and officials of the Chinese Maritime Customs Service. They shed light on political events such as the 1925 May Thirtieth incident, on working and social life, on treaty port architecture, commercial history, the history of dress and fashion, and of course the history of photography in China. They were taken by talented amateur photographers, by foreign snap-shotters, professional studio photographers, and others. These images were taken, acquired or bought by those living or visiting China.

Link to Historical Photographs of China:

2. Korean War Historical Images (Not much of a description is offered; thumbnails are set up on a Flickr page - photos have short captions.)

IMCOM-Korea Photo Collections, The Installation Management Command-Korea Region (IMCOM), US Army Korea... Cleared for public release. This image is generally considered in the public domain - Not for commercial use. U.S. Army Korea - Installation Management Command.

Link to Korean War Historical Images:

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