Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Manners Poster

(image borrowed from Japan Today, 2/4/09)

VAOJ has posted about manners and various visual attempts to make train passengers more sensitive and better behaved in the past. Here's the newest poster. Caption reads: This month’s Tokyo Metro manner poster asks passengers (who pretend not to notice elderly or disabled commuters) to offer them their seat.

There are some interesting comments by readers attached to the photo as well.

Link to Manners/Picture of the Day:

I have noticed new manners posters on the Keihan line in Osaka, too. They have passenger comments, usually reactions to the poor manners they have witnessed. Do you think such manners campaigns are necessary? Are such posters effective?

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Anonymous said...

It's the buses where this really pisses me off. Standing in a train is annoying in enough, but buses are hellish even for young people. Definitely needed, not sure if it's going to be effective.