Saturday, February 21, 2009

"The Great Sasuke arrested on suspicion of assaulting man on train"

Visual anthropologists beware...

From Japan Today:

Professional wrestler and former Iwate prefectural assembly member The Great Sasuke has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a man on a train in Tokyo, police said Friday.

Sasuke, 39, whose real name is Masanori Murakawa, allegedly kicked the 36-year-old company employee, grabbed him by the collar and threw him against the door of the train late around 11:50 Thursday night. Witnesses said Sasuke got angry about having his picture taken with a cell phone camera while on a JR Joban Line train, police said.

Both men got off the train at nearby Minamisenju Station, where Sasuke was arrested after a bystander called police. Sasuke, who was wearing a wrestling mask at the time, denied allegations of assault.

Police quoted Murakawa as saying, “I didn’t want to be photographed when I was wearing the mask. I have the portrait right.”

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Joe said...

A fine example of the immediate relevance of portrait right! I look forward to seeing how this plays out in court. (Do these things play out in court here?)

On an unrelated note, who would be reckless enough to invade the privacy of a wrestler in the first place?