Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Celebrations in Germany

While I am a little disappointed that the Germans are not into baseball at all - and I really miss my Hanshin Tigers - the Germans (along with the rest of the non-USA world) are into football (soccer as it's known in Japan and the USA). The World Cup is happening now, and the matches can be seen at every bar and restaurant. Frankfurt has a big screen set up in the middle of town and I went there last night during Germany's match with Australia. Here are some of the many people out celebrating. (Germany won, 4-0, by the way.)

This morning as I went for my usual walk the owner of the convenience store below my flat told me he was able to find a Japanese flag for me. I bought it, of course - it might be the only Japanese flag in Germany and I might be the only person here rooting for Japan - along with a flag of Germany. Later in the day I heard the Japanese national anthem outside. The convenience store owner has a big screen TV set up outside his store and he was broadcasting the Japan-Cameroon match. Japan just won, 1-0. Time to take my flag out for celebrations...

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soldat0815 said...

you are not the only person in Germany how is rooting for Japan^^ my friends and I are rooting for Japan too in Berlin