Friday, June 25, 2010

"McDonald's to begin selling Hoeneß bratwurst"

(Photo and text below borrowed from The Local, 6/25/10)

Here's that German glocalization we were looking for in Issues/Globalization class:

“We’re showing once again that McDonald’s thinks regionally,” said the firm's vice chairman Holger Beeck.

Hoeneß, who co-owns the HoWe sausage factory with his son Florian in Nuremberg, came up with the Teutonic treat – three small bratwurst smothered in mustard and grilled onions on a roll – which McDonald’s will sell as Nürnburger. The name is slight alteration of the typical regional sausages known as Nürnberger that is meant to play on McDonald’s burger sales.

Read the whole article:

So, my German students, how does this sound? I am relieved by this article as it saves me from doing fieldwork at McDonald's in Germany (I haven't had a chance to get to one yet...). But should I try this glocalized product? After all it is an attempt at "something."


Anonymous said...

It's funny that McDonalds in Germany is marketing their products with the stereotype of the German. They already have some products like the whole Hüttengaudi thing, with the McRösti, that use the cliche of Bavaria and that every German is an Bavarian.

visual gonthros said...

I have learned from my students in Frankfurt that not every German is Bavarian... Quite the opposite axctually, at least in this locale... I would like to know if this new product is another stereotype. What would German students want McDonald's to serve as a glocalized product?