Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2008 大学日本手話勉強グループ春飲み会

Another semester has ended and thus it was time for another get together with the kids from the JSL study group and Deaf people from Osaka and Kyoto. We had a record number of 27 participants (15 Deaf, 12 hearing).

This year's event had much to celebrate. N has recently graduated and will enter graduate school in Australia. It was J's 21st birthday. All four sempai (who called themselves the Power Puff Girls) are leaving. Only two members from this semester will be back in the fall. There were many laughs and many cries. I was especially proud to see my students chatting away in JSL to my Deaf friends. Thank you to all who participated. I hope we can continue our friendship and fellowship, and the spread of sign language all over the world.

The JSL Study Group will be on summer break; we will start up again in early September. But stay tuned to VAOJ for more sign language related news.

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