Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This is a scam targeted at deaf people...

This is a work in progress posting.

Warning, the "announcement" below is a scam targeted at deaf people. I have deactivated all the hotlinks in it. It is a blatant and poorly done as well with spelling mistakes and a strange layout that juxtaposes several different images and graphics. To my knowledge there is no "Confederation of the deaf" nor a "Prince Mayour Ola." Unfortunately it does steal the logo of a legitimate deaf related organization, RC Deaf Missions Malaysia. Its director assures me that they have nothing to do with this and are quite upset that their logo has been stolen and used for such a scam.

Have you received this scam e-mail? It comes as HTML code and has "LUCKY WINNERS OF THIS YEAR 2008 DEAF PROMO!!!" in the subject line. I am trying to ascertain how and why I received the mail and how widespread it is. If you have any information, please contact me or leave a comment.


Dear Winner,
Confederation Of Deaf  People™ hereby congratulates you and at the same time informing you that You are among the lucky winners of this year 2008 deaf promo® Money OrderSM sent to you from Prince Mayour Ola has been Approved.®
Money OrderSM : $500,000.00  USD
Winning Number  : CZ982032214JH.
Deaf Site             : Deaf Vp
Address Verification
We will like you to get back to us with this information as follow
We will await your response back to this E-mail till the next 48,hours as all winner are to reply back immediately.
Domestic Winners Details
*We are goverment approved
*Non Scam E-mail
*Money Will be delivered to you in cash form no check or money order 
We are proudly supported by...............
Get  some Zeropaid GearFBI SCAM PROTECTED
 Note: Please do not reply to this E-mail if you are not a deaf, if you do and you were caught you will be handled over to our authourity, because we are GOVERMENT APPROVED
Thank you for reading our E-mail copyright®.  We look forward
to satisfy all deaf arround the world because we don't want any deaf to suffer. 
Confederation of deaf people®
Signature Confirmation
****************************** ****************************** ****************************** *******
Delivery Service**UPS Delivery Post-Man**                                                             



Please be careful of this and other e-mail scams.

UPDATE: I have contacted various deaf people and deaf researchers but nobody has indicated that they received this e-mail. I on the other hand received the e-mail again on a different e-mail account. If you have any information, please share...

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