Saturday, February 16, 2013

HIV/AIDS Increasing in Osaka

It's been a while since there has been an AIDS related post here at VAOJ - but that is not to say the situation has improved by any means. You might recall that the HIV/AIDS rate continues to increase in Japan. I was surprised to see this advertisement on a Keihan train recently. I only saw one of these posters among numerous other ads on the train and I haven't seen it since. It says that HIV/AIDS in increasing in Osaka with over 2,300 reported cases. Osaka has the second highest rate in Japan. The advertisement encourages testing and treatment.

The advertisement is sponsored by a group called 「おおさかエイズ情報Now」(Osaka AIDS Information Now). Their website (in Japanese only) has general information about AIDS including prevention, testing and counseling.


Following some of their links brings you to a site for the Japan HIV Center that has information in English as well.

Japan HIV Center:

These seem to be good resources, at least for Japanese and English speakers. Has anybody else seen these advertisements? Or any other advertisements/information on HIV/AIDS in Japan? If so, please leave a comment. This is one issue that should not be ignored or forgot.

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