Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Those serious about shopping in Japan are most likely familiar with the 商店街 (shoutengai) or shopping arcade. These are streets closed to traffic and the sky, full of all sorts of shops and restaurants. Last Saturday (2/9/13) the Senbayashi Shopping Arcade in the Asahi Ward of Osaka held a special 100 yen event. Many of the stores in the 700 meter long arcade sold goods for 100 yen and/or had other bargain sales. In addition to bargains, there were mascots, street performers and special food stalls (one food stall featured whale products including whale soup, whale curry, canned whale meat and whale sausage) that attracted huge crowds and at least one TV reporter; the event also provided opportunities for some interesting photo opportunities.

Link to 100 yen shopping arcade event (in Japanese): http://www.senbayashi.com/event/event.php

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