Friday, February 10, 2012

"Supreme Court rules making teachers sing 'Kimigayo' is constitutional"

When will these "updates" end? From today's Japan Today:

The Supreme Court has dismissed two suits from 375 teachers and educational professionals requesting a ban on the enforced singing of the “Kimigayo,” Japan’s national anthem, in schools. The court ruled 4-1 that such orders are constitutional.

The issue has long been a contentious one with teachers who refused to stand and sing the “Kimigayo” at school. In many cases, dissenting teachers received reprimands, pay cuts or were suspended.

In announcing the decision Thursday, the court upheld last year’s Tokyo High Court decision that confirmed the constitutionality of enforced singing of the anthem in schools, and refused to ban the act of obliging children and staff to do so, TBS reported.

The court ruled that ordering teachers to sing the “Kimigayo” did not violate their freedom of thought, which was the basis for the plaintiffs’ claim.


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