Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Bullet train service disrupted by train enthusiast taking photos"

From today's Japan Today:

A JR bullet train was delayed Wednesday after a train enthusiast was spotted leaning over a boundary fence next to the train line to take photos.

Central Japan Railway (JR Tokai) staff who noticed the man on an embankment near the shinkansen track judged the situation to be dangerous and ordered the driver to delay the arrival of the bullet train traveling between Nagoya and Gifuhashima stations until the man’s safety could be confirmed, NTV reported.

JR Tokai said 13 trains were suspended for 25 minutes from just before 9 a.m., affecting more than 10,000 passengers.
The man, who was seen leaning over the embankment fence in Shintomi, was questioned by JR staff and explained that he often takes photos of trains as his hobby, NTV reported. The man was cautioned and released without charge being filed, JR said.


A good visual anthropologist shouldn't get in the way...


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