Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Watching the Hanshin Tigers while eating and drinking at the Asahi Panorama Dome Restaurant at the Kyocera Dome, Osaka - 2011 Version

It is a tradition with a group of regulars at my local izakaya to attend a Hanshin Tigers' baseball game at the fancy panoramic restaurant when the Tigers play at the Kyocera Dome. I have been lucky enough to be included these last two years. Click here to see photos from last year's outing. It takes connections to get the special (and expensive) seating right above left field and there are some challenges when sending off the jetto fusen in the lucky seventh inning. While I prefer to watch the Tigers play at Koshien, this outing with my friends is still a lot of fun and a very different setting to enjoy Japanese baseball.

Oh yeah, and the Tigers won!

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