Monday, August 29, 2011

"Portrait Professional - Fast, Easy Portrait Enhancing Software"

My colleague brought this software to my attention (thanks, JH!). Seems like there is a lot of this kind of stuff out there. I'm not sure if this software is appropriate for ethnographic photography (and so this post should not be seen as any sort of product endorsement from VAOJ or my colleague). How far should one go in manipulating photographic images?

Link to software info:

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R. A. Stern said...

PetaPixel recently posted an article on the topic of objective vs. subjective photographic manipulation (link). One interesting point in the brief article is the issue of technical limitations, cameras cannot truthfully capture what our eyes actually see, thus is alteration toward that end dishonest? I haven't seen a good discussion of this in visual anthropology since Mead and Bateson argued objectivity vs artistic reality.