Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update: "Photographer faces charges over nude photos for book"

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It looks like the cops finally busted photographer Kishin Shinoyama for public indecency. Another warning about not only what but where you can't take photos in Japan...

From today's Japan Today:

Police plan to send papers to prosecutors shortly on photographer Kishin Shinoyama on suspicion of public indecency for shooting nude photos for a book, sources close to the matter said Saturday. Police are consulting with the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office on sending papers on the 69-year-old photographer and two female models, the sources said.

According to investigative sources, Shinoyama allegedly took outdoor shots of the nude models in Tokyo in the summer of 2008 at such places as a cemetery and a wedding hall for the photo book. The book, ‘‘20XX TOKYO,’’ was published in January last year. Photos in the book also include those of naked actresses at such public locations as railway tracks and waterfront areas. In November last year, the police searched Shinoyama’s office and home in Tokyo.

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