Thursday, January 7, 2010

SPARROW: Sound & Pictive Archive for Research on Women

This project and website was recently announced in H-ASIA. While not necessarily related to Japan (it seems to focus on Indian women) it is still an interesting application of visual anthropology. Here is a partial description from its own homepage:


A trust set up in 1988 [Register Number E-11958] in Maharashtra to build a national archives for women with print, oral history and pictorial material.

A live archives reaching out to schools, colleges, women's groups and other organisations.

An active agent of conscientisation.

A forum for discussions.

An interactive space

A daring flight into unexplored areas of experience and expression.

SPARROW believes:

That recording, reviewing, recollecting and reflecting on women's history and life and communicating this information in various ways is an important activity in development.

That change is possible with knowledge and awareness -- of women's lives, history and struggles for self-respect and human dignity.

Check it out:

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