Monday, November 2, 2009

Jazz Guitar Duo

On October 29, Hidekazu Sakai (pictured above, right) debuted as a professional jazz guitarist with his teacher Miko Kanazawa at the Sea Press in Neyagawa-shi. The venue was small and intimate; jazz lovers and supporters were numerous and enthusiastic to see/hear the music. The audience was not let down. Teacher and student really started to jam during the second or third song. The last set was brilliant, showcasing Sakai's technique and Kanazawa's playful plucking. Watch for these guys - they are going places.

A dark room and back lighting made a challenging setting for photographing the event. Despite taking many shots from multiple angles I was extremely disappointed with what I got. Should I use Photoshop to fix the problems? Or do the images captured under the harsh conditions better capture the jazz-atmosphere?

1 comment:

Hide said...

Thanks Steven! Hope to have a gig again like this.
I will practice more.