Thursday, September 11, 2008

Southeast Asia Visions Collection

(Image borrowed from Southeast Asia Visions Collection)

Another resource announcement from H-ASIA:


(Description from its web site:) ...a collection of European travel accounts of pre-modern Southeast Asia from Cornell University Library’s John M. Echols Collection. The site provides online access to more than 350 books and journal articles written in English and French. The works in the collection were selected for the quality of their first-hand observations and, together, provide a comprehensive representation of Southeast Asia. Along with their narratives, these accounts include some 10,000 images, drawings, photographs, prints and maps, many of them in color. The objectives of this project are both to meet the curricular needs of courses taught at Cornell University and to make these texts and images accessible via the Internet to students and scholars worldwide. It presents scholars an excellent opportunity to look anew at pre-modern Southeast Asia.

While the focus is on Southeast Asia, there are some Japan related materials available in this collection. This collection seems to be another valuable on-line resource which might be of interest to visual anthropologists.

I found the above photo in the "BROWSE BY IMAGE GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION" section under Japan; the following information came up, which was hot-linked to the image:

Image geographic Information: Japan

An army officer on leave in Japan : including a sketch of Manila and environment, Philippine insurrection of 1896-7, Dewey's battle of Manila Bay and description of Formosa by Maus, Louis Mervin (1911), p.160B (Japanese Maid Preparing Dinner)

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