Thursday, April 3, 2008

PLATFORMA VIDEO8 International Film Festival

I was contacted by one of the organizers of this film festival and asked to announce it here at VAOJ. Christos Varvantakis writes, "As it is a totally independent (from faculties) festival, we are open to any students' views on ethnographic film. And as we are granted some travel money from the festival organizers, we really hope to engage in a dialogue about the restrictions and innovations of students films. Yet, of course, everything depends on participation..." This sounds like a very interesting opportunity for students of visual anthropology. Read the announcement below for more details.

International Film Festival PLATFORMA VIDEO8

November 7-10, 2008 in Athens

The (sort of) ethnographic film festival is aiming in films made from anthropology students or related after 2004, either as dissertations or as assignments. This is done, for we aim to discuss the innovations and restrictions of student ethnographic film making (i.e. time, production, department conventions, experimentation). This ethnographic section of the festival is included doesn’t have a competitive character. However, we are keen to invite some of the filmmakers during the festival, depending on available funds. Additionally, we are organising an ethnographic film workshop where we hope to engage in a dialogue on / with the future of ethnographic film.

The deadline for films submission is the 1st of June.

Questions and prior notice for submissions should be directed to:

Kostas Aivaliotis (
Christos Varvantakis (

Check out their web page (in English; Greek is also available):

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