Thursday, April 10, 2008

Japan Today Picture of the Day

(Image borrowed from Japan Today)

Japan Today has a daily feature, "Picture of the Day." Sometimes, as in the case of the photo above, the picture is quite nice. And often the picture generates interesting comments. For example, the photographer, Burl Hays, responds to some of the comments:

Thanks all for the entertaining comments today! This is the photographer commenting -- to answer some questions:

1) Permission was obtained. 2) The Mom is Japanese. 3) The son is a "double" (one part Japanese plus one part American) 4) His hair is not dyed. 5) Neither the Mother nor photographer has been offended by any of the comments today (including those that were deleted - actually they were quite funny!).

Visual anthropologist might be interested in looking at the "Picture of the Day" to see how certain images of Japan and Japanese culture evoke certain ideas and comments from a variety of readers. Disclaimer: there are often many irrelevant comments that are better left ignored...

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