Thursday, March 13, 2008

Update: Documentary Film "Yasukuni"

(Movie poster; image borrowed from

There is a lot of buzz about the documentary film, Yasukuni, that I wrote about last October. Apparently the filmmaker received some sort of Japanese government subsidy to make the film. With this as a possible excuse, some Japanese lawmakers got a special sneak preview of the film to judge its tone and make sure it is not overly anti-Japanese. Read more in the story reported in today's Japan Today.

Link to story in Japan Today

Also, apparently the filmmakers have been threatened by Japanese right wing groups.

Link to story at Yahoo News

A synopsis of the film can be found at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival webpage.

Link to Yasukuni¬epg=1

Many blogs have been reporting on this subject as well. Here is an interesting post from Tokyomango.

Link to "Yasukuni: A Documentary Explores the Ethics of War Memory" at Tokyomango

The film is scheduled to be released in Japan in April.


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