Friday, March 21, 2008

Globalization in Kobe Fieldtrip Spring 2008

Another new semester, another globalization trip to Kobe... It was a great time - the weather was perfect for our walking tour of Kitano, Nankin-machi and the harbor area. Here are the usual group pictures, in Google video form:

Click here to get still group pictures.

Below are some photos taken by fieldtrip participants. I was hoping to get a few more but I will post what I have received so far. Feel free to send more photos if you wish... How do the following photos illustrate Globalization in Japan?

Photos by Antti.

Photo by Yurie.

...[M]y best globalization picture. I found it in Chinatown and it's funny because it said in French "product of China Popular Republic" and you have Arabic too but I can't read it. So it's from China but the package is written in French and Arabic, weird! Photo and text by Camille.

Photos by Csaba.

Sherlock Holmes in Kobe? Apparently SHE is alive and well in Kitano.

A sampling of Chinese food goodies available on the street. Yum...

All sorts of oriental(ist) treasures can be found in various shops.

Weddings are plentiful in Kobe, especially western style weddings. Here is a close-up of a ceremony at a wedding chapel near the harbor.

We weren't the only ones watching the wedding... They are popular tourist attractions. Photos and text by Steven.

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sampler said...

Do you think that the ubiquitous western style weddings are promoting the myth that Christianity is a foreign religion?

Is this expression post-modern, pre-Christian or both?