Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This one just started out as fun...

Do you like the bubble wrap? Does this picture make you want to pop every bubble? Then check out the New York Times "Laugh Lines" from October 26, 2007 below.

Bubble wrap

When I was looking for the Japanese connection to this posting, I found some interesting web sites.

This picture and the accompanying story on bubble wrap in Japan comes from a site called 3 Yen - News on Japan.

News on Japan - 'Pachi-Pachi'

The site refers to a Japanese game called Pachi-Pachi (the Japanese sound made when popping the bubbles) and provides a link to it. It is the same game as posted on the NY Times web page on 10/26! And the NY Times gives no credit or explanation for it. Is this a problem? Seems プチプチ (Pachi-Pachi) has been on-line since December 20, 2003.

Link to プチプチ

Is this a case of once it's on the web it's fair game? (seems that the NY Times should have provided a source...) On another level, is this another example of weird Japan? Anyway, no matter which site you use, have fun popping...

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