Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beauty in Contemporary Japan: Body/Comm "Visual Anthropology" Workshop Fall 2007

Once again this semester in "The Body and Communication in Japan" class (Body/Comm), we did a workshop where students made posters illustrating beauty in contemporary Japan.

The first group created a "Frankenfine," the accumulation and attainment of idealized body parts based on mathematical equations. Female parts were used in the construction of the male Frankenfine...

This group focused on the importance of big eyes, make-up, popular fingernail styles (which would seem to make daily life activities using the hands and fingers impossible), dyed hair, clothing styles and correct body proportions.

Certain foods, normal hair styles and large bodies だめ! Cool clothing, wild hair styles and proper body proportions OK!

Cute eyes, big eyes, western eyes and eye make-up...

This group focused on female beauty, especially clothing styles, accessories and ideal body parts. Young women have various cute, cool and rebel fashion styles.

The selling points for beauty in Japan: western influence (half western, half Japanese models are very popular these days), big eyes, being cute and innocent, no body hair and lots of make-up.

This poster illustrates appropriate Japanese beauty styles for men and women especially focusing on clothing and hair. Manga characters appeared on their poster as well. Does idealized beauty influence manga or vice versa?

Another successful, fun and educational Body/Comm workshop experience.

You can compare the posters from this semester with those of last semester by clicking here.

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