Sunday, February 18, 2007

Visual Anthro Links...

Here are some links related to visual anthro, some of which will be discussed in class.

Beautiful Japan related article with suggestions by Wm. Penn on how to make Japanese TV more beautiful...

  • Link to Beautiful TV for beautiful country

  • "Tokyo Love Hello" by Chris Steel-Perkins. A multimedia photo exhibition on the photographer's impressions of Tokyo. A little reminiscent of the February 13, 2006 Newsweek article "Where's the Real Japan?" (p. 32-35) that claims "To someone who has lived for long periods of time in the West, there is nothing particularly challenging about Japan, not anymore" (p. 33). Steel-Perkins admits there is more going on under the surface of his photos, but still his exhibition also reminds me of some of the "crazy Japan" scenes in "Lost in Translation." What do you think?

    Link to Tokyo Love Hello

    Another interactive essay on the Slate webpage: "World of Changes" by photographer Thomas Hoepker. Click on the photo of the "Japan head" (under the photo of London youths smoking pot). Not Japan specific, but some interesting commentary by a well travelled and experienced photographer.

  • Link to World of Changes

  • Do Steel-Perkins and Hoepker have ethnographic authority? What do you think of their representations of Japan?

    Asagao-no-kai (a supporting group for Megumi Yokata's family). I don't want to get into the politics of the issue here (unless someone insists...); this link is included for its interesting presentation style. It is an exhibition of photos and information about one of the Japanese abducted by North Korea.

  • Link to Asagao-no-kai

  • Two Deaf friends of mine recently went on a trip to Cambodia to perform pantomime for Cambodian Deaf people. This link is from the Deaf Development Programme (Cambodia) homepage. See photos of their arrival, perfomance at the Deaf Community Center and a Deaf school in Phnom Penh.

  • Link to Deaf Pantomimes in Cambodia
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