Thursday, June 21, 2018

This is what was waiting for me in my office at school after the recent earthquake in Osaka...

It could have been much worse as seen here. I went around and took photos of the damage in some of my colleagues' offices, especially those who are currently out of the country. Something for them to look forward to when they return (insert sad/sarcastic emoji here).

Link to news about the earthquake (The Japan Times, 6/18/18):

Link to "Osaka earthquake: Useful links and resources (The Japan Times, 6/18/18):

My dissertation was damaged and an important teaching folder has disappeared. The biggest casualty was a souvenir from Germany.

My office now smells like old Hefeweizen...

UPDATE: "Local authorities say more than 6,000 structures were damaged in recent Osaka earthquake" (The Japan Times, 6/25/18):

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