Monday, October 24, 2016

We do it for the love, not the money... But maybe the economy needs our kind of love...

I am not sure I should be sharing this with my students... Non-anthro-majors might want to check out how their fields of study rank in this scheme of things...

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But wait... Check out this editorial by Takamitsu Sawa, distinguished professor at Shiga University, in The Japan Times, 10/24/16:

Liberal arts studies are key to Japan’s economic revival

Brief quote: The [Japanese] education ministry says “true scholastic ability” is composed of three elements: (1) knowledge and skills, (2) ability for thinking, judgment and expression, and (3) willingness to cooperate with others. It is impossible to hope for elevating the abilities for thinking, judgment and expression without liberal education, of which humanities and social science constitute the core.

Read the whole editorial:

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