Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"Japanese artist re-invents religious art from Renaissance Period"

Photo and text from Japan Today, 1/5/16:

Anime is the new religion, at least when it comes to these re-imagined religious works of art by Hiroshi Mori.

Mori combines Japanese anime and pop art with some of the most iconic religious portraits of the Renaissance era to create a fresh new take on classical Western and Japanese “rimpa”-style art.

Mori attended Tokai University before eventually gaining recognition for his humorous work featuring historical figures drawn as anime characters in 2009, and this religious series is his most recent.

Each of the paintings in the series employs a combination of acrylic, urethane, silver mirror plating, and UV-cured resin on aluminum and were featured in a number of solo exhibitions in Tokyo from 2013-2014.


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