Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The New Kinema Club Website

Announcement from H-Japan:

Kinema Club, the website devoted to the study of Japanese moving image media, is moving! The preliminary version of the new site is already up with a new address. With the new site, we envision a renewed and active Kinema Club functioning as a site for information and new work on Japanese cinema and other media. In particular, Kinema Club will begin to function as a peer-reviewed electronic publication allowing scholars to present new ideas. Here are some of the new and old functions:

Research: Kinema Club will now publish peer-reviewed conference reports and research and film notes. We envision presenting kinds of work that are not well-accommodated by existing journals, or that are designed to encourage discussion, not present final conclusions.

Resources: As before, Kinema Club will offer bibliographies, guides to online articles, tables of contents and other information valuable to the study of Japanese cinema.

Education: Kinema Club will continue to present sample syllabi and other information beneficial to education in Japanese moving image media

Conferences: As an organization Kinema Club continues to hold annual conferences and workshops. The website will offer the most up-to-date information on those events.

KineJapan: The mailing list run by Kinema Club remains a vibrant space for discussing Japanese film. The new website offers a quick guide on how to participate on KineJapan.

As the new site gets going, we encourage your suggestions and submissions.


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