Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Golden Week II: ネコ公園

The second stop for strolling and photographic adventures during Golden Week was what I will refer to as "Cat Park" near my neighborhood.  Stray cats are a problem in Japan. Signs are displayed in the park with messages discouraging abandonment of pets and animal abuse, and to "think about" the repercussions of feeding strays. Some people make daily trips to the park to feed the strays and bond with the animals. They get to know the personality of the cats and their various roles in the cat society. I happened upon such a woman who pointed out a male who she considered to be the boss cat in the park and informed me about a mother who recent gave birth to a litter under a bridge. The adventure today reminded me of Kazuhiro Soda's observational film, Peace, which deals with social workers and stray cats in Japan.

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