Friday, April 12, 2013

"Assistant judge fired for taking upskirt film"

I certainly don't want to break the spring mood of the previous few posts with yet another upskirt story. But this particular case took place in my own neighborhood and at a time when I theoretically could have been on the train. From Japan Today, 4/11/13.

A 28-year-old assistant Osaka district court judge has been fired after he was arrested for filming up a woman’s skirt while on a train last August.

The Diet’s impeachment court said that Toshiki Hanai, 28, had disgraced his profession with behavior unbecoming of a judge, Fuji TV reported Thursday.

Hanai was arrested after filming up a woman’s skirt on a Keihan train at around 8:30 a.m. between Neyagawashi and Kayashima stations. He was reportedly squatting and taking photos with his smartphone when he was spotted by another male passenger who then restrained him until he was handed over to the authorities, Fuji TV reported.

During police questioning, Hanai was quoted as saying that he was interested to know what kind of underwear the woman was wearing. His phone had images taken up other women’s skirts, police said.

The Osaka district court fined Hanai 500,000 yen and suspended him from duty, but the Diet impeachment court ruled that his behavior warranted dismissal. 


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