Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Leaked iPhone 5 Promo (OK, it's a parody...)

"What do people use their iPhone for?" asks the video above? "Taking pictures (of their food)." Funny, but close to reality, especially in Japan. My back-up camera is my iPhone 4s - my previous (non-smart phone) cell phone had a much better quality camera. So I am happy at the prospect of improvements in future iPhone models...

More info: "iPhone 5 Parody Promo Takes Photo Obsession to its Logical Conclusion" by Josh Wolford.



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iPhone 5 cases said...

It's funny but true, some people have a habit of taking pictures of their food before devouring it. And later post them in their social networking sites. These are one of the good reasons why iPhone 5 newly improved camera.might be of good use.