Sunday, July 8, 2012

七夕 @ 機物神社 (Tanabata Festival at Hatamono Shrine)

July 7 (7/7) marks the Tanabata Festival that is celebrated in various parts of Japan. It is based opon a romantic tale of two star-crossed lovers who can only meet once a year - as such it is a day for Japanese people to make wishes. For more information see the following two links:

Tanabata, from the Festivals of Shinto:

Orihime, Kengyuu, and Tanabata - Adapting Chinese Lore to Native Beliefs and Purposes:

These photos were taken at a famous version of the festival at the Hatamono Shrine in Katano-shi, Osaka. Despite the threat of rain, a colorful and wonderful time was had by all.

Link to more Tanabata @ Hatamono photos:

Link to Hatamono Shrine web page (in Japanese):

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Dustin said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! I would love to go to this matsuri.