Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Yomiuri ties up with AFP for broader worldwide photo circulation"

From NSK News Bulletin January 2012:

The Yomiuri Shimbun is to begin distributing its news photos on a subscription basis to foreign media via AFP, the French state-owned news agency, starting on Feb. 1.

The Yomiuri’s photos for overseas distribution via AFP include photos not appearing in the Yomiuri’s daily newspaper, various on-the-spot photos of disasters or incidents that have been provided by Yomiuri readers, and an archive of the paper’s past news photos.

The leading Japanese daily signed a distribution contract with AFP on Dec. 9.

The Yomiuri had earlier tied up with the Associated Press, the leading U.S. news agency. That August 2010 tie-up put Yomiuri photos into distribution in many markets overseas. In this latest tie-up, with AFP, the Yomiuri is targeting its Japan photo distribution at Europe, the Middle East and Africa, all of which are distribution strongholds for AFP, Yomiuri officials said.

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