Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Newspaper Photo Books Focus on March 11 Quake-Tsunami Disaster"

From NSK News Bulletin Online, July 2011:

A number of newspaper companies, including those from areas hardest hit by the March 11 mega-quake and tsunami, are publishing books of news photographs about what is being called the “worst disaster in a thousand years”.

In the disaster areas, many newspaper subscribers have made bulk purchases of such photo books to send them to acquaintances outside the areas in the aim of getting others to appreciate the severity of the damage.

Officials at newspaper companies say the photo books are drawing high acclaim from readers for preserving a record of the disaster in the familiar medium of the newspaper.


The Yomiuri Shimbun and the Asahi Shimbun, both of which are leading nationwide daily newspapers, each published a special bound-volume issue of their newspapers covering the mega-quake and tsunami. The Yomiuri also released an A4-size, 418-page bound-volume issue on April 23, titled “The Great East Japan Earthquake: A Month-Long Record.” The book features reduced-size copies of front pages, national news pages, city news pages and some feature pages from the Yomiuri’s last daily edition of each day in the one-month period after the quake struck on March 11. Yomiuri officials said they expect the specially bound-volume to be a collectors’ item that would be used as a reference guide to the full scope of the disaster.

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