Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Women Film Pioneers Project Online - JAPAN section"

Announcement from H-Japan:

The Women Film Pioneers Project Online began as a multi-volume publication project, and expanded so rapidly, and in such a promising way, that it has since been developed into an online database project overseen by Professor Jane Gaines at Columbia University, and hosted by Columbia’s Center for Digital Scholarship and Research. Please check out the project’s current guidelines webpage, where you can read more details, obtain guidelines for participating, and download model examples for contributions of career profiles and overview essays.

The WFP website itself will be going live shortly, but the project is still seeking participants for the section on Japan.

The project’s objective, as described on the WFP website, is three-fold:

1. to jump start historical research on the work of women filmmakers from the early years of cinema, ending with the coming of sound;
2. to facilitate a cross-nation connection between research;
3. to reconfigure world film knowledge by foregrounding an undocumented phenomenon: that these women worked in many capacities.


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