Friday, February 11, 2011

"Japan to go fishing ... for space debris"

Image borrowed from MSNBC.

Recently my students have remarked how clean Japan seems to be (as a first impression) yet also expressed confusion/frustration about the lack of trash cans in public. Here's some more garbage news about Japan from MSNBC:

Japan's space agency is reportedly teaming up with a fishing net manufacturer to catch and remove debris from Earth orbit, where it poses a threat to spacecraft, astronauts and satellites.

The space fishing net would span several kilometers and be made of thin metal wires. As it scoops up space debris, it will be charged with electricity, allowing Earth's magnetic field to reel in the haul and eventually burn it up in Earth's atmosphere...

See the whole story:

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Unknown said...

It is good to see that, one of the major defence ministry Japan is looking at creating the new force using personnel from the Air Self-Defense Force, the country's air force, it added.Space debris getting dust from solid rocket motors, surface degradation products such as paint flakes.Impacts of these particles cause erosive damage, similar to the sandblasting. Monitor this debris Japan is planning to launch a military space air force by 2019 that will be going to protecting the satellites.