Tuesday, July 20, 2010


What does one do when one's all-day Saturday Visual Anthro seminar has been canceled (postponed) and one suddenly finds oneself with a free weekend? Go to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic... Not that I have become bored with Germany. But transportation to Prague was cheaper than transportation to any German city I wanted to visit. So Prague it was... Prague is a tourist mecca in Europe, and filled with history. Czech beer is cheaper than bottled water. And I found Czech people to be very friendly and giving. I will be going back (as 3 days wasn't enough) - you should check it out as well.

I took only about 500 photos while I was there. I have edited them down to 70 images. See more photos of Prague at my Flickr account, click here.

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Amber said...

I really like the picture looking up the building. The worm's eye view really works in this picture; I just wish you were lower to really get the feeling of how big this building is.